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Please be advised that while there is no nudity in this post, there is partial nudity and suggestive content. If you are not comfortable viewing these messages, please redirect yourself to another post. Thank you!

Call or e-mail if you’re interested in setting up a session. (Discounts for Berkeley students… :) )

Getting ready!

The Rihanna… ha ha :) Too bad Rihanna couldn’t live up to this.

One of my favorites. So. Hot.

They were super adorable and easy together. What a dream to work with. :)

Also super steamy.

I love this.

One of my favorites. Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?!

I love this. She’s gorgeous and the light was so perfect and, well, it just works. I love it.

You two were AMAZING to work with. I can’t get enough of the photos from Friday–expect more to come! Thank you thank you thank you and I hope to be doing this again sometime soon! :D

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