[See photos from this same trip in Victoria, British Columbia here]

Kintaro in Vancouver is probably some of the best ramen I’ve had outside of Japan. No lie, it’s awesome. Be prepared to wait in line for like an hour to eat there though…. sigh.The beach near Denman Street. I love this city and I love the beach on the edge of the urban; what a perfect oasis!
There’s so many reminders of Canada’s First Nations peoples all over British Columbia. It’s actually pretty amazing how hard people are working not to forget the history. I love the bike path through Stanley Park. Renting a bicycle from one of the multitudes of bike shops along Denman Street is a surefire way to enjoy an afternoon. Same beach as in a previous photo. Our hotel was located right across the street from here, which was amazing and made for very nice evening walks on the beach. And sitting and looking at the twinkly lights of ships on the horizon. The Granville Island Public Market! Not to be missed! Although in my opinion it’s a bit of an overpriced tourist trap. Except that you can get lots of fresh fruit (especially blueberries!!!) so that makes up for it… :)
Fact: over the course of only ten days in Canada the three members of my family (including me) ate a total of SEVENTEEN pounds of blueberries. Yes, we counted. Yes, we should have turned blue. Ha ha. :)…yummyyy… This silk place was amazing! Not only did they have silk worms on display doing their thing, but they also spun their own wool AND then used the looms to weave them into beautiful scarves and other pieces. Absolutely old world and breathtaking and I hope this kind of art never dies out. stopping to smell the flowers, I love it.
An artist with her eyes on an artist who had her eyes on an artist. (me, her, the musician, who was cute and young, ha ha)fresh food is ALWAYS the best kind there is. yum.gotta love the vancouver skyline and this beautiful summer light!Taking the ferry home from Granville Island. So picturesque. (yellow buildings are always a win for me)look at this adorable couple reading and enjoying the setting sun! sigh, I love love. :)The Sylvia Hotel. I’m assured in my belief that this is the best hotel in Vancouver. Unless you like boring chains where you feel like you could be anywhere in the world once you’re inside. The Sylvia is right on the waterfront, has class and style, and is completely unique. Win, win, win. More Stanley Park. How could you not love this city?!We caught a wonderful performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Theater Under the Stars, inside the park. It was a lot more political than I remembered… but they did a wonderful job. I’ll be back. :) 

I love this city. You can be sure I’ll be back sometime in my life! :)

Also, come back for photos from the rest of my trip! I only spent two measly days in Vancouver so there’s maaaany more on the way!

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