Leo certainly knows how to bake and, let me tell you, boy are we lucky! He showed up a couple of weeks ago with this: a fantastical peach and blackberry pie that we inherited only by accident. While I was sorry the rightful recipients couldn’t get a taste of this pie, I can’t tell you enough how much WE enjoyed it. Leo, you’re the best. :)

You can see photos from and the recipe for Leo’s apricot pie from earlier in the summer here. :) 

Again, Leo doesn’t really use recipes. This is about as good as it gets (mmmm). :)

filling – 2/3 white peaches and 1/3 yellow peaches, the exact
amount of which I cannot tell. I filled up the crust. Probably like 6
and 3 peaches or so, since I think this was a 10inch, not a typical
9inch, crust. Less sugar (yellow peaches are plenty sweet!), so like..
1/2 brown, 1/4 white cup of sugar. No lemon. Mashed together butter
and the pint of blackberries, added a tsp of cinnamon and about 1/2 a
tsp of nutmeg (I just like the smell of fresh ground nutmeg so I do it
a lot..), and then poured that on the peaches.

crust –Two portions of crust: one for the top and one for the bottom.

boring typical shortening crust. 1/2 cup shortening, 5/4cup

flour, pinch of salt, add water until it seems to hold together. Throw
in fridge for 30min to chill (this is when u make the filling!). Split
in half, put half in the bottom, cover with filling, cover with other
half (do a lattice if you want, they look nicer!), (milk wash
on the top to make it brown, if you want!), sprinkle sugar on top. Throw
into the oven@375, I did about 35 min with aluminum foil loosely
covering the edges of the pie, removed the foil and left it in for
another 15 or so for it to finish off.

Enjoy! :D

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