[see Vancouver photos here, Victoria photos here, and Eucluelet photos here]

This beach wasn’t exactly in Telegraph Cove, but nevertheless, it was amazing. I kid you not, there were THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of crabs COVERING the sand. Literally.

Apparently blue herons (maybe egrets?) are as common as seagulls here. Ultimate vacation photo. I hope to adorn my walls with one of these featuring myself and future hubby one day. I hope I retire to this kind of life. Ha ha :)
Whale watching! :)
I went kayaking with these people. And it was AMAZING! :DThis is the beach with the crabs, from before. We stopped by for another visit on our way home, and it was just as beautiful. SO different though–the tide was in and you couldn’t see a single crab! Go figure.. :) 

I LOVED Canada and I just can’t wait to go back!  :)

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