I’ve been doing a lot of photo thinking. Mostly about new cameras and new lenses and …


I want a new camera. I can justify a new camera. I can almost say I need a new camera. I know, big words. The thing is, it would be really expensive and take a lot of my savings up. But in theory, the more I get better at photography, the more I have a chance to earn my keep with it. You know, make enough money from photography to afford the equipment. But the problem is, it’s a long way down the equipment road. Lots and lots of money.

Especially with film: all that film, all that developing. All that new equipment. And yet there’s something to say about how ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS film is. It’s breathtaking, it’s soft and it makes you feel like you’re there. It captures the light. And the right colors. And the depth of an image. But it also costs about $35 for a pack of 5 rolls, each with about 24 exposures, depending on the film and the camera. That’s not that much, you think, only about 29 cents a shot. But when I can easily shoot a few hundred images in a go around, that gets expensive fast. But then there’s the benefits again, of having the most gorgeous images and having the negatives, right there with you. In your hand. In a world of digital, fictional images, it’s really amazing actually.

But on the other side is digital. And with digital I would have a much greater opportunity to experiment. To take too many photos. To take a photo, reconsider, recompose, etc., and then take it again. And, I know this sounds bad, but a much better chance of making that investment back. Because as expensive as a new digital camera would be, there’s really no marginal cost to taking additional photos. So. I’m deciding.

Film or digital?

Give me some time and I’ll let you know… although thoughts are always much appreciated.

And as an additional side note, these are my favorite film photographers, for your perusal.

They all have GORGEOUS images. BEAUTIFUL. Sigh :)

José Villa

Leo Patrone

Jen Huang

Jonathan Canlas

Ryan Muirhead

And here’s a shot I took of a cute little goober at the park today. So sweet, I love his orange knitted hat and matching orange vest. Perfect for the fall atmosphere!

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