Nothing like a nice breakfast taco to help start your day off on the right foot in the morning!

This one was SUPER simple. As a bonus, I only used ONE pan. Impressive, I know. ;)

I sauteéd onions in olive oil until they were purrrfectly soft and delicious (you know how they get when you really have enough patience to wait for them to cook properly: not quite caramelized but still delicious), adding in diced fresh tomato, fresh spinach, and frozen corn (that’s the secret ingredient). I threw in salt and pepper (of course! who cooks without salt and pepper) and also some cajun spice blend (another secret ingredient) that I got at Berkeley Bowl.

I pushed all of these goodies to the side of the pan and cracked an egg on the other side (it’s a pretty big pan, and this is how I manage to get away with having to do fewer dishes). In the other side of the pan (like I said, it’s a big frying pan; really though, you could use multiple pans) I toasted the two delicious corn tortillas to golden perfection. I even added swiss cheese and let it get all melty and delicious. When the egg and tortillas were done (egg: over easy) I put everything together in a delicious taco, snapped a quick picture (you can skip that step) and chowed down. YUM! :D

p.s. Speaking of breakfast, check out this cool breakfast foods blog I found the other day. It’s such a cute idea and the artist executes it so well. :)

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