We took our first annual Montara Mountain hike this winter break and I can already say that it’s going to be a yearly tradition that I look forward to long before it arrives on my calendar. It was a freezing cold day complete with blustery winds, but once we started winding our way up the hill we warmed up and even the sunshine ended up making an appearance. We hiked so far that the next town over from ours rose up beneath our feet and the ocean stretched it’s way to the distant horizon. We truly live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Montara Mountain overlooks the whole Coastside and it’s been the rock that’s watching our backs for us our whole lives. Spending a day catching up on the hillside was absolutely perfect: it’s quite out there, easy to hear yourself breathe, and easy to find the strength to say absolutely anything that’s on your mind. Hiking the hillside is always a nice, clean pause from the hustle and bustle of the cities in which we both live and the wonderful madness that is everyday life. It’s like letting your life take a quick breather.

She’s one of my best friends–we’ve known each other since I moved to the area and we started school together at age 10. Today we live across the world from each other–she’s studying abroad in Rome and I’m at Berkeley–but she’s always been and always will be somebody who can hear what I have to say no matter what it is, offer straightforward and honest advice for any kind of problem, and have lots of fun to boot, no. matter .what. Our first annual mountain hike was amazing because it was both an escape and a return. An escape from over thinking everyday life and a much needed return to one of the most important friendships I’ve got.

Here’s a thanks to the mountain I grew up with for always having my back, but even more than that, here’s a thanks to one of my best friends in the world for also always having my back. You have the magic touch that only an old friend can have. I hope I can be there whenever you need me for whatever you need, now and forever and always.


(photo of me by the lovely Miss Rebecca herself)

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