Headed out to Santa Cruz a few weeks ago now (So so so glad to have my computer back up and working right! Thank goodness!) with some people I like (Rae and Matt were there!). We visited Natural Bridges and then Downtown for a taqueria and then took a nice walk on the deserted Boardwalk. I’ve been there on school trips and family weekends all throughout growing up and so it wasn’t an unfamiliar or unloved place, but I’d never been in the dead of winter when the Boardwalk is all closed down. Without the sunshine (it was freezing, actually) or the multitudes of kids or the running roller coasters, it was a completely different place. I discovered a sudden and overwhelming appreciation of the barren play area. I think I’ve decided I much prefer the Boardwalk in the magic of winter.

Although some sun right about now would be realllly nice. :)

Come back for many many more posts in the next few weeks. I shot a lot this winter vacation and I’m excited to share all of my adventures with you. Expect some fun images! :)

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