The New York Times Lens blog is, hands down, the most top notch photojournalism there is out there. Gorgeous gorgeous images that also speak volumes about some of the craziest things going on in the world. Beautiful things, horrible things, everything in between: New York Times photojournalists are there to capture the moment.

I’ve been thinking a lot a lot about all of the chaos going on around the world. You know if you’ve been following along that I’m freaking out a bit about it all: What is going on?! How are so many lives being lost all around the world, all the time?! It’s not that I think this year is any worse than a lot of years in the past, but for some reason it’s hitting me even more now that it ever has before. And I want to do something.

One of the things that’s been hitting me about the New York Times Lens blog recently is that the photographers are there. I know that’s the most obvious thing to say, but it’s pretty easy to take a look at these images and think more about what you’re seeing than the fact that there’s somebody on the other side of that lens. Somebody who is not involved, but who is making sure that the rest of the world, including people like me who sit at home on our computers and just look and look and look, knows what’s going on. As we saw with the photographers who came back from Libya (unharmed, luckily, because they are American), they are most definitely putting their lives on the line. For the sake of getting the word out. For inspiring people continents away to do something.

Those are my thoughts on photojournalism for the night. Take a look at the photos I’ve included, (©NYT of course), thinking about the photogs behind the lenses. The two pictured at the beginning are the ones who came back from imprisonment in Libya.

I’m shooting portraits of a girl for the Daily Cal today who was (is?) paraplegic and taught herself how to walk again. She’s training to run across the country in 2013. She impresses me already. People impress me. More on the details (and pictures!) after the story comes out.

Sorry for the bit of a downer I threw at you there. I guess it’s been on my mind a lot recently.

xo, S

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