I remember waking up last last winter (January 2010) super early to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic. I wanted to make sure it happened before I left, and I dragged my mother out of bed for the short walk, in a brisk, cool wind, across the highway. We stood at the top of the balcony of the beach club belonging to the place we stayed and looked out across the ocean. With not a person in sight, it was serene and gorgeous. I cannot wait to repeat this experience, at the Atlantic or elsewhere, sometime soon.

This may not be the greatest photo I have taken (this image is back from before I was shooting RAW, if you can believe it!!), but the power of an image is more than its quality. The memories attached to this photo of the ocean, with the one lone wave trying to peak on the shore, bring a smile to my face. (And, I kind of just like the colors, too.)

Here’s to another morning of being up early for me, and a serene start to your day. :)

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