So. I got a new camera. You see this baby? She’s a Golden Half. And yup, she’s pretty cool. This darling little camera shoots film. 35mm film. But instead of taking 36 exposures, she cuts each one in half and takes about 72 exposures. With 72 clicks per roll of film, there’s lots of room for experimentation. And I decided she would be a great way to use the extra rolls of film Rae passed on to me when she was cleaning out her house. :) For fifty bucks, this is a lot of fun and I’m pretty excited.

She’s got two apertures: F11 for sunny and flash, and F8.5 for cloudy. It’s pretty easy to follow along with the little pictures around the lens.

With a toy camera / film camera that  I don’t know too well yet, it’s hard so say what kinds of photos she’ll yield. You can be sure I’ll show ’em to you when I get ’em developed and scanned though. I’m still on the first roll, but I find it’s pretty easy to shoot. Her click is… petite… to say the least and it’s easy to just fire off a bunch of shots. That being said, since she’s not an SLR, I can see through the little viewfinder even if the lens cap is on… and I’ve accidentally shot an unknown number of absolutely black photos with the lens cap still on. haha. Oops! Oh well. I’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure.

Here’s some images that Bonnie Tsang (a photographer I follow and love!) shot on this camera in New York City.

You can purchase your own Golden Half camera online on Amazon if you want to join in the fun! Alternately, I bought mine at Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley. It’s the same price (at the time of writing this), only without the added shipping cost, so if you live in the area, it’s a great deal! :D

p.s. Check out Jose Villa’s images of Cuba. They’re shot on film too, but on a big kid’s camera, and they’re absolutely GORGEOUS (well, just like all of his work).

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