Homeroom in Oakland, California might be my new favorite restaurant. This place is all mac and cheese, and they do it right. Yum. Plus, the design is to die for adorable. Everything there is totally my style and I just wanted to wander around and take photos the whole meal. ha ha. Plus, it’s a very good price. Cheap enough that you could eat there on a regular basis, but still well priced enough that you know you’re buying good quality food stuff.

Rae and I went for lunch yesterday. I got a Blue Bottle New Orleans style iced coffee and Rae got a super yummy Arnold Palmer. Next up, Rae had the Mac the Goat mac and cheese with, you guessed it, goat cheese. I had the Vegan Mac and Cheese. It was pretty delicious–nice and creamy. Then we shared a “homemade oreo cookie.” Om nom nom. I’ll be back! :)


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