La Note may be one of Rae and my favorite breakfast places. Ever. The decor is cute (which is obviously important when you’re talking brunch/food anywhere) as is, of course, the food. Their homestyle potatoes are delicious and their ratatouille is worth the wait. :)

Pictured above are, in my rough estimation, the ratatouille + omelet, the goat cheese scramble, a merguez lamb sausage sandwich (so yum!), and the gingerbread pancake + scramble. So delicious, shared over a nice morning coffee cappuccino. Not to mention conversation with an old friend (who is, essentially, my sister) and our favorite people. :)

Happy week, interwebs. Here’s to getting to another weekend brunch. In tact. :)


As always, Facebook and E-Mail updates are, wait for it, Still. Here. Woo! :)

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