Gather restaurant has been a favorite since they opened (was it last year? two years ago?). I even spent my 21st birthday dinner there with my parents and it’s where I ordered my first official glass of wine. :)

Christopher and I needed a break after a stressful last week of classes and before getting into the thick of preparing for finals and so, given our love for delicious high quality food, we made a lunch reservation at Gather. Such a pleasure. The sunshine was nice and the space is beautiful. Among my favorite decor items are the sort of “unfinished” style wooden tables (also seen at Gjelina in LA and really my favorite anywhere) and the wine bottle lamps. So cool! :)

Christopher had Roederer Estate champagne-dry and delicious. I had the Crispin Honey Crisp hard apple cider and, let me just say, I might never order anything else again. It immediately became my favorite alcohol and you can be sure I’ll be purchasing it again. Mmm! :)

For lunch we shared, like always (that way we can try more things!). First course the avocado salad, with spicy greens and grapefruit garnish. The pizza, which Gather is well known for, was absolutely fabulous. I’ve had one there before and am never disappointed. :)

We never get food without dessert and this day was no exception. An almond tart with amazing apples (did they soak them in apple juice? I couldn’t tell) and a chocolate ganache and pumpkin tart with mint whipped cream. Gah! Dessert was fabulous!

Anyways. That was Gather. So delicious. Such fresh and clean food. Have I told you about my dream to open a restaurant? It’s places like this that fuel my dreams. :)

Speaking of which, I shot at Outstanding in the Field on Saturday and Sunday in Pescadero, CA (down the coast from HMB) and I cannot wait to get my stuff together to show you some grand old posts! :D

Until then, take a look at Facebook and sign up for e-mail updates! :D I already put some sneak peeks on the Facebook page! :)

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