Ritual Coffee Roasters, 432b Octavia Street, San Francisco, California

And we’re back! It has been SO LONG since I last posted images on the blog. Hopefully you’ve been connected on Facebook and so you haven’t been totally lost… it was those two year in review posts that knocked me out. Plus, I went to Disneyland and Santa Barbara (photos coming! promise!) and did a great job with the fab camera bag company Lowepro (you’ll see when I’m allowed to share!)… 2012 has been off to a great start!

Ritual Coffee in Hayes Valley is suuuper cute and stylish. They brew each cup of coffee perfectly and the baristas really seemed to know what they were doing. Plus, as you can totally see, they have got their great design down pat. Fab. I didn’t have a cup of coffee (it’s a four dollar coffee, y’all!), but my friend+colleague did and he seemed pretty happy. I think I’d like to head back here for a nice afternoon chat with a friend one day. I’ll dress up cute and we can spend a few hours chatting over our drinks. (Sidenote: I spent a while hanging out and shooting on the afternoon I took these photos and seriously everybody who ordered a coffee was well dressed. Everybody. I even saw a dog with dreadlocks. But more on that later, haha.)

Love to you all and Happy New Year!

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