Honestly, mostly I can’t believe I didn’t make it to this place before my fourth year at Cal. FOUR YEARS I’ve lived in Berkeley and this place, which has always had every indication of a place I would love, has never been my dinner restaurant of choice. I’m in love with the name Gregoire Restaurant, and their logo is adorable. I also love the blue awning and the tiny space inside and the lovely wooden benches outside. Plus, their menu changes monthly to accommodate seasonal foods, which is really just a decision after my own heart. The open kitchen is wonderful and so seemingly made for me and my camera and my love of images from the kitchen.

I have to say, my new 35mm lens, which was responsible for all of the images you see above, really worked well in this environment. I might even have to say that it will work well in all environments. I am seriously in love with it. But that’s getting off topic. :)

The food was wonderful, albeit a bit rich. I would pick those potato puffs over ice cream though on most days I think, and that’s saying something. The salmon was really well done; the flavor of the fish came through nicely. The chutney was amazing too, and all I can think is that I must find some way to make that stuff myself. Yum! The chicken was well cooked, too, but it did just taste like chicken. If you like chicken in general, I’m sure you’ll find it very nice.

I would be careful when you go – Gregoire Restaurant is known for being a busy hotspot, especially at meal times, and often there’s a line. The food is worth the wait, I think, but I would be prepared to pay for what you get and not get a seat. We were lucky since it was almost empty for some reason (maybe the clouds?), but usually there’s no where to sit. They do bill themselves as a take out place.

All that to say I’ll be back for the potato puffs!

xo – Simone

Noms pictured:

*Crispy potato puffs

*Baked Scottish salmon in Madras curry, apple chutney, served with asparagus

*Breaded Fried chicken filet, Marshall honey mustard sauce, served with asparagus

\\ Gregoire Restaurant \ 2109 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA

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