I was first introduced to Mariposa Bakery by a lovely gluten free friend of mine. She has Celiac Disease, like a lot of people who come here, and this little bakery was a dream come true. Months later, this little bakery is a a dream come true for me, too. I’m not gluten free, although I certainly sympathize with food intolerances, and I think this place is fab. I love the apple tart I had – I’ve gotten it before and loved it that time too – and I also had the apricot “Pop Tart” goodie. So yummy. :)

p.s. Since we’re on the topic of food and healthy food and food as a lifestyle for being healthy, check out this fabulous personal account of a battle with Chron’s disease. She was seriously suffering, but by switching her diet around to be vegan and super healthy, she managed to cure herself. So fab. Such a story after my own heart. xo

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