I sort of feel like I have never been so relaxed in my life. It’s probably not true, of course, but at the moment I’m just basking and soaking it all up. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to the regularly programmed life which is, albeit not quite as relaxing, certainly exciting and full of lots of fun+interesting things. The nice thing about breaks though is that you have a moment to rejuvenate yourself. A week for resting and eating good food and cuddling with your puppy on the couch. A week for wandering down by the beach and watching the rain through the windows (One of my favorite things about being home when it rains is the sound of raindrops on the skylights in my parents’ house. So magical.)

Anyways, I’ve done lots of reading for my thesis (lots) and some planning for my post college european adventuring and even some exciting brainstorming for my months+year after graduation. I’ve always been galvanized by personal projects and honestly couldn’t be more excited for the “blank months” ahead.

xo – Simone

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