Really just a sliced purple potato, five sliced green onions (one bunch), five or six whole cloves of garlic, a quarter of a chopped red onion and about a tablespoon of olive oil baked at three fifty Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Seriously yummy and of course it took almost no time at all.

In other news, I’ve recently discovered my new favorite kitchen accessory. Seriously, though. I’ve been having an issue with garlic recently – I love it and want to use tons and tons of it in everything, but at the same time I get so frustrated having to peel off the little while skin bits that sometimes I just scrap and don’t do anything. And then at Berkeley Bowl I discovered bags of pre-peeled garlic, which has been fun although a bit of a luxury. Downside? I can’t finish the garlic quickly enough and it seems to go bad.

No. Worries. I have found a solution. These little garlic rollers are fab! You put your clove in, roll them around and squish the garlic a bit, and zing! You have a clean little garlic clove! I got a blue onebut they have a red one and a green one on Amazon too. For about eight bucks including shipping, you can never be frustrated by garlic cloves again. It’s the little things in life, people, the little things.


xo – Simone

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