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This place is the reason I like coleslaw. It’s probably also the reason I like fried chicken sandwiches at all and it might even be the reason a lot of people like fried chicken sandwiches. If the line that goes out the door and around the block every single day is any indication (and it is), this place is a destination location. Eat here. Wait in line. Buy sandwiches. Eat a cookie. (People also love their strawberry shortbread, but personally I’ve always found it kind of too sweet. If you’re a sweets kind of person though, I am almost sure it would be a hit.)

(Also, take note: That line? It’s not actually there every single day: They’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. And also closed for dinner. And sometimes it seems to me that they actually just close whenever they want to. See their website for details on all that. But anytime they’re open? The line is there.)

But back to the main point of the story. There is one, I promise. The main story is that sandwich. Coleslaw is piled on high. It’s lemon-y and a bit spicy (it has a light kick of green pepper, I believe) and has zero mayo, which is a winning choice in my book. The chicken is tender and the fried bit actually. melts. in. your. mouth. You think I’m crazy now, but once you taste it, you’ll put all those overly emphatic pauses in too.

That sandwich? Yes, it’s really that good.

Tell me when you’ve been converted.

xo – S

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