// 2161 University Ave (between Shattuck Ave & Walnut St), Berkeley, CA 94704 

**Tri-tip sandwich served with mango smoothie

The sandwich at Brazil Café is well known for being awesome. It’s tri-tip, with onions and cilantro-garlic sauce and cheese and tomatoes and lettuce. And maybe some other things.

I think the sandwich is okay, but mostly I’m a fan of the decor of the place. It’s a small spot, on a corner of University in Berkeley, and the paint job + decor makes me smile. Sit outside with your sandwich and your date, and pretend you’re at a Brazillian outdoor café, complete with classy Brazillian music and photos of butts on the wall.

No, I’m not kidding. But the Brazillians are known for them, aren’t they?

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