the window at American Apparel, Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley


This is just a quick ode to you. A little thank you, if you will. The individual beauty and style of my clients and friends has shown through in every single photo shoot I have had this week and I couldn’t be more excited. I love hanging out with you all. I love being jealous of your outfits and your make-up and your smiles.

I even love sorting+editing+packing up all of your snaps so that hopefully you too can enjoy them as much as me. (Your mothers too. Let’s not forget to let your mothers in on the enjoyment.)

In close, I love my job because of you all. Thank you a million times over! (and, of course, congrats on graduating, lovelies!)

xo – Simone

*pst. Shoot me an e-mail at simone.anne.lang {at} if you want me to sing your praises, too. I am 100% full through May 21st 2012, but have spots open after that! Let’s chat! :)

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