This image was probably taken a year ago. I remember walking past the pool and hearing the players and the crowd. Cal has a really great water polo team and they gather a big crowd. It was a warm day and you could smell the chlorine coming off of the concrete that was warm from the sun. I hadn’t been to a water polo game in ages and perhaps even then it was on assignment for The Daily Cal. This day, I wandered in through the gates and watched the game on my own, just one in the crowd of onlookers.

I don’t remember if we won or lost (we probably won – go bears!), but I remember how calm the heat felt and how loud the crowd was. I think water polo is one of my favorite sports of all time (probably thanks to Rebecca); there is seriously just so much energy in the water and the whole thing moves so fast. It’s not like a lot of other sports that get so much attention these days.

I love this photo because somehow, amid all the craziness of an intense game, the pool looks calm and quiet (thanks, long exposure). I feel like I can feel the heat and calm that comes at the end of a hot day, even amid all of the competitiveness. I imagine this is how you must need to feel if you’re competing in the Olympics, as many of our Cal players who train in this pool are. (Good luck!!) It’s always been amazing to work out in this pool, thinking of all the amazing people who have also completed workouts here, albeit much harder than my afternoon swims have been, I know.

Beyond that though, I just like the idea that there should be, and is, a calmness that must be achieved in order for anything to really be successful. If you’re not coming from a steady and calm place, how can anything you attempt be grounded and achievable?

As always, your thoughts are more than welcome. :)

xo – S

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