Last week at the farmer’s market my mom purchased $30 worth of spring peas. Yes, you read that right. Thirty dollars. Of peas. Now, I like peas, but even the most pea loving among us are hard pressed to finish thirty dollars worth of peas. Even if they are fresh, delicious, amazing farmer’s market peas. Which leads my to this soup. It’s simple and super easy and totally lets the peas shine through. Plus, it’s vegetarian and vegan and really healthy and tasty and even a little sweet. If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, I am sure a sausage would be a nice addition to this meal. :)

Fresh Summer Pea Soup

Ingredients: three to four cloves of garlic, one whole red onion, sliced, olive oil, fresh peas hulled (one large bag – or more or less… here’s where you really determine how much you are making), about 2-4 cups of vegetarian chicken stock or vegetable stock or chicken stock (your choice)

Directions: Sautee garlic and onion in olive oil. Add peas and enough water to cover. Stir in vegetarian chicken stock. Simmer on the lowest setting for a few hours. Enjoy! :)

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