I don’t think I could ever say enough about how much I seriously and completely love this family. Shanti (aka Mamma) is almost solely responsible for my becoming a photographer. Yes, really. We met years ago at the local park when I randomly asked to take her photo so I could finish up a roll of film for an assignment. She was looking for an intern, I was looking for experience and a summer job, and a partnership was born. I even began babysitting her offspring and we’ve gotten along splendidly since day one. <3

These days, I drop by whenever so that we can chat business and fun. Plus, we still shoot weddings together sometimes and now I’m in the process of acting as her associate sometimes when things work out right. I am sure our friendship and business relationship will continue to grow in ways that I cannot even image right now; I know I will continue to value her smarts and her friendship for years to come. What an amazing mentor!

When I decided to head to the coast for the summer, it was a no brainer for us to get together to shoot her awesome family. We were blessed with a seriously beautiful day. And I am seriously SO happy with the images we got from the shoot!

Check out her work online here. It’s gorgeous!

…and e-mail me at simone.anne.lang@gmail.com for your own family portrait session :)

xo – S

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