Oh my goodness, I have seriously been meaning to share this for aaaages and aaaages! :) Back at the beginning of June an image I took of Nathan Adrian, soon to be Olympic God (and past Olympic gold medal winner!!!) and recent Cal graduate, was published in the national magazine US Weekly! How super cool + really neat is that?!

It was totally surprising and completely exciting to get a call from their New York photo editor, and the whole process was happy, easy, and very rewarding for me. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my work published, and nothing ever as big as this publication! Wahoo! :)

Thanks for all the well wishes from everybody (I posted it on Instagram the day I got it, so they got a bit of a heads up) and BEST OF LUCK to Nathan! (he probably doesn’t need it – I know he will be seriously amazing!!)

Enjoy! xo – Simone

(p.s. the red on his ankle was a printing error, not my image!)

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