Nachos are actually my favorite food of all time. Chips and salsa? Guac? Yummy+creamy refried beans? Delicious, ripe, California avocados? All of these fabulous ingredients make my tummy grumble. In fact, the day I made these nachos, I had them for breakfast… and lunch… and again for dinner. I seriously, can’t get enough.

Making your own vegan nachos is super super easy. I used thick and crispy tortilla chips, Daiya vegan “cheddar cheese,” fresh pico de gallo mango salsa (from New Leaf), Annie’s vegan refried traditional beans, and some thick slices of ripe California avocado. I placed the chips on a plate, sprinkled generously with the “cheese” gratings, and added strategically placed refried beans. I microwaved this part until the cheese was melty (about thirty seconds to a minute) and then piled on the rest of the ingredients.

When I posted a photo of these on my Instagram (@simone_anne), they got lots of love. I have no doubt that they’ll continue to get love here… so join the nacho-lution! :) (revolution… har har)

Enjoy! :)

xo – S

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