The first morning in Inverness, I woke up at six thirty to the sunlight starting to wake up. I cuddled in under my covers and a little while later, woke Sam up. We snuck out the door quietly and took the five minute drive up to Pt. Reyes for breakfast. A bit of wandering led us to the Bovine Bakery, which was nice and bustling for an early morning. Two coffees, please, hot and sweetened with milk and sugar. Pictured is the blueberry scone, as large as your head and moist and delicious like a muffin. It was a great choice, but when we went back the next day, I got their bestseller, the morning bun. That, let me tell you, was AMAZING. So moist and then crispy and sweet, but not too sweet for breakfast.

Anyways, all in all, it was a wonderful morning. Maybe one day I’ll go back just for the day: morning buns and coffee, a hike on the trails and near the beaches, and then a long swim in the afternoon in Tomales Bay. Sound like a plan? I think yes.

xo – S

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