Hi! I’m having such a good week! haha. :) I was in Yosemite last weekend (I posted a couple of photos on my Instagram at @simone_anne so if you missed those, let’s me friends!) which was fabulous and this weekend I will be in Big Sur and then Inverness… it’s been great! I love travelling and adventuring and after lots of work time this summer, it’s thrilling to get some travel time in. Yipee!

In honor of the travel I’ve been doing this summer and all the travel on my upcoming radar, I’m excited to share a few more snaps from my trip to Trukee (well, nearby) last month (wow, was it that long ago already!). I shared this image before, but I have so many more! I really can’t say enough how wonderful the sunshine was. I love a good day of hanging by the river and soaking in the sun. My favorite thing is to get nice and chilly in the snow melt river and then lay out on the rock and bake until I am dry… and then repeat! :)

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

xo – Simone

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