I have been in Santa Barbara all week and I couldn’t have been happier about it! :) I took a roadtrip down the coast (solo!!) and spent the nights at the apartment of some very dear friends. I shot this image of sailboats from Stern’s Wharf near downtown Santa Barbara (at the end of State Street). I’ve been to Santa Barbara once before, but somehow never managed to make my way down here (I have no idea how that happened! haha). It’s billed as the “American Riviera” and after my sunset walk here, I can totally see why! It’s absolutely spectacular. There are boats and fishermen and crabs and seastars and seagulls and lots of seafood (although I didn’t try any here).  I also went for a sunset swim two days that I was there, although I’ve been deemed crazy for swimming in cold water many many times. I’d recommend a day swim though for the slightly less swim obsessed! :)

Wednesday I shot a stunning wedding with seriously the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen, among many other lovely details. I’ll be sharing more photos this week, a super tasty recipe (for homemade soft pretzels!) we made on Thursday, and of course, wedding photos! I have another wedding tomorrow (yayy!), so expect lots of images from this week of pretty! :)

p.s. If you would like me to shoot your wedding (yes, please!), please just drop me a line. I gladly travel, wait for it, anywhere in the world! :)

xo – Simone

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