Oh my goodness! Let’s talk about how I had absolutely the most amazing, perfect, delicious, and topped-with-a-heart cappuccino yesterday! So stunningly yummy. Not to mention, Sightglass is well designed, well built, airy and light, and the perfect place for a long conversation about… anything. And mostly photography. :)

When Sarah and I met up here yesterday, I’d chosen the spot only on a whim. I saw a gorgeous photo (only one!) of the inside on Google and then heard from a colleague that her brother said (and he’s a barista!) they have the best coffee in the city. That was it; just a few tidbits. And let me tell you, this place seriously didn’t disappoint! So wonderful and yummy and fun to hang out in! A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. #winsituation, if you ask me. :)

(and, I wish I could have client meetings here all the time! So much space and such a nice feel! )

xo – S

// SightGlass Coffee, 7th street, San Francisco

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