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Adrienne, San Francisco Headshot Photographer

Working with Adrienne on her San Francisco headshots was SO much fun. We were looking for photos for work and play, professional profiles and dating profiles, and we totally nailed it. I loved her variety of outfits (some of which I helped her pull together from the “closet” she brought! :) ) and I am  Continue Reading »

Martha’s UC Berkeley Graduation Photos

Martha’s UC Berkeley graduation photos were a real treat for me. This fabulous lady was graduating from UC Berkeley’s famous Boalt Hall School of Law (no small feat!) and we had an enjoyable afternoon walking around campus, celebrating her achievement. I love these shots, full of excitement and purpose and in some I can just  Continue Reading »

Half Moon Bay Beach Photography

Half Moon Bay, where I grew up, is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world. Flying my drone here, high above the sand and the cliffs and the waves, brought a new view and a new happy vantage. Glad I got to see this coastline from the sky!

Wan & Mariola Half Moon Bay Engagement Photos

This is the second post for Wan and Mariola’s Half Moon Bay engagement photos and even though I gushed and gushed about the last set, I really do love these too, as much or maybe even more than those. This spot is another place on the coastside that I feel particularly connected to and I  Continue Reading »

Wan & Mariola Half Moon Bay Engagement Photos

Wan and Mariola’s Half Moon Bay engagement photos made me so happy that I had to split them up in to two posts to get them all out there in to the world. I LOVE love love these for so many reasons. For the first set, this one, I’m sharing with you our Half Moon  Continue Reading »