Hello! I am a wedding photographer based out of Half Moon Bay, serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area and abroad! I love the ocean, spend days off at the beach, have a little old dog who I love quite a lot, spend a lot of time traveling, love backpacking, and am also a sucker for a good evening watching a movie on the couch.

We love the work on your website. Can we see more of it?

Absolutely! I regularly update my blog with every single session or wedding that I photograph. See all of the blog posts here and the wedding specific ones right here.

You can also browse entire wedding galleries right here. This is where your online gallery will be displayed as well. (I also deliver a USB drive of high resolution files, but this is a great way to share images with guests and order professional prints.)

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2008. I started shooting weddings as the lead photographer in 2009. Since then I’ve been the lead photographer on almost 30 weddings, with another 50 or so under my belt as a second photographer and assistant. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I love every one!

Do you have any feedback from past clients that you can share with us?

Why, yes, I do! See a full set of Testimonials right here. You can also see my five star rating and read my reviews on Yelp right here.

Do you deliver high resolution files?

Always! Every single photography package that I offer includes the fully edited, high resolution images from your wedding, delivered via USB drive. You can print them, share them, etc. I also offer an online gallery service and the option to order professional prints and art quality canvases from me.

We notice that you love black and white photos. Tell us more.

Yes! I really love black and white photos; I think they let the emotion of a moment really shine through. That being said, I love color, too! For every black and white image that I deliver, I also deliver the color image of the same file. This leads to some duplicate images in your gallery, but I like that this way you get to choose which images you want in color and which images you want in black and white. (To clarify: I don’t deliver every image in b+w, just the ones I am moved to deliver in b+w, but I do deliver every image in color.)

Do you offer albums?

Yes! I offer a gorgeous, lay flat album that is professionally printed and has a beautiful, wrap around image on the cover. I design all of the albums I order myself and each client who orders one gets the final say on images and layout. See images of the albums I offer and check out the pricing on them right here.

Do you allow us to share your images on social media? 

I would love that! You can share your images anywhere online that you would like. I do request a simple line of credit with my name or website (or tag, if it’s on Twitter or Instagram). You are also welcome to share the blog post I do of your wedding or your online image gallery with whomever you like.

How much does it cost to have you capture our wedding and what are the options?

Packages start at $2,500 for the basics but I have lots of great options to make sure you get everything you need. See everything laid out with no confusion right here.

Do you shoot smaller weddings or elopements? 

love shooting smaller weddings and elopements! I do have a 7 hour minimum for Saturdays (that’s my smallest package), but I am happy to work with you on shorter events Monday through Friday. Let’s chat!

How do we book you?

I chat with each couple I work with on the phone or via Skype. I share a little bit more about my approach to photographing your wedding, you share a little bit more about your wedding day, and we all see how perfectly we’ll work together and how I’ll put you at ease on your wedding day. ;)

From there, I’ll send you a contract. I require a 50% deposit and signed contract to book and then at that point, we’re official!