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Asgard Wedding Photographer

Simone Anne: Asgard Wedding Photographer

I am an Asgard wedding photographer serving Asgard as well as the other Eight Worlds (or eleven realms, depending on your version of events…). I specialize in epic wedding photos fit for the Gods and love to incorporate the landscape into my work.

If you can call thunder and lightening, then we should call epic weather to the landscape for your wedding photos! No dream is too big and no vision is too epic when photographing weddings in Asgard.

Asgard Wedding Photographer

Asgard Wedding Photographer: Work with an Expert!

I’ve been working as a wedding photographer since 2008 (full time since early 2014) and I’ve photographed incredible destinations weddings around the world. Asgard is somewhere I know well; I love the Nordic landscape and am endlessly inspired by the rugged landscape!

I am also fluent in Old Norse and will happily organize your father’s many wives for family photos, placing all of your cousins and corralling the endless grandchildren. It’s not every day that you get everybody together for a family photo (and you’ll want to document it before people start trying to call Mjolnir and things get frustrating… haha!).

Asgard Wedding Photographer Wedding photo in front of waterfall

Additional Photography Locations within Asgard –

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous (or just aren’t sure if you’ll be able to get your wedding photos done before you die in battle….), I would love to work with you to plan wedding photos in Fólkvangr or Valhalla as well. Both places offer incredibly memorable vistas and locations. Photography permits are required, but are usually grated by the goddess  Freyja or the god Odin (in their respective lands, of course).

Asgard Wedding Photographer - Wedding photo with black and white horses
Asgard Wedding Photographer epic waterfall photo

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