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Why Dubsado?

Dubsado has streamlined my booking process and made it easier for me to keep track of client inquiries! I use Dubsado daily to see where clients are in the booking process and help them move through to booking me faster. Once they’re ready, I use Dubsado to get them to sign a contract and pay the booking retainer immediately (with a credit card).

Once a client is booked, Dubsado has streamlined how I keep track of clients, ask them for follow up info, and get them the highest level of service. With easy to access templates for almost every part of my business, Dubsado has drastically reduced the amount of time I need to spend writing similar content to clients and allows me to build my business as a solo entrepreneur while keeping my work load small and allowing me to focus on the personal and fun parts of this job.

I switched because of Dubsado’s ease of use. While there are additional features I’d love to see from Dubsado (they’re always working on something!), overall I’ve found that the ease of use and ease of set up with Dubsado allowed me to start implementing this program fully and immediately where as I really dragged my feet with another program (and even considered hiring somebody to set things up for me). I recommend Dubsado!

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