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how to visit the ‘welcome to fabulous las vegas’ sign.

I knew before I arrived in Las Vegas that not only was the ‘Fabulous Las Vegas Sign’ at the top of my list for places to visit, but that it would end up being one of my favorite destinations of the trip. I am a HUGE fan of neon lights, bright colors, and iconic locations. Uhm, hello, but the sign is definitely my type of destination. :)

It was blazing hot when we made our way from the hotel down the street to the sign. I was surprised by how far away this iconic sign is from everything that is actually happening in Las Vegas. Like, you have to leave the strip to get to it. Who would have thought?! I am actually surprised that they haven’t just moved it since it became so famous. Oh well! :)

It was great fun stopping here. And these photos from our trip are some of my favorites from the weekend. :) My only disappointment is that we didn’t get there late enough to see the lights actually on! Next time I’ll be at the sign at dusk for lights and ambient lighting. :)

xo – Simone

*If you’re going, here’s a google maps link to the location. The spot is about a twenty minute walk from the Mandalay Bay hotel (where I stayed) in the opposite direction of the strip. If you drive, it is easy to park in the median (there are parking spots specifically for this) and pop to the sign for a few photos. If you walk, you’ll have to jaywalk to get to the median where the sign is. When I was there, there was somebody (perhaps from the tourism board) who was more than happy to take your group photos in exchange for a few bucks tip. Otherwise, you’re welcome to stand and take as many pics as you’d like. :)

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