I photograph weddings & elopements! And families & graduations & headshots, too.

My speciality is JOY. 

& LOVE. 


If that realness resonates with you then whoever you are & wherever you are, no matter how you celebrate, I’m your photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating with just your family.

Or a whole crew of supporters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re eloping alone in the trees. Or on the beach. Or in the mountains. Or, maybe, half way around the world.

Maybe you’re mostly excited about your big dance party.

Or about having your international family together in one place.

Maybe you’re ditching the traditions, maybe you’re keeping them all.

Maybe you’re mostly excited to be “just making it official.”

Or to celebrate your family’s story.

Whatever that wonderful story is & whichever culture you call yours.

(Or however you blend many cultures in your family.)

It only matters that you’re doing your day your way. 

With the one you love.

& (maybe) the ones who love you.

Even if they have four legs. 

(Okay, maybe especially if they have four legs.)

It’s about celebrating the joy, the togetherness, the excitement, &, of course, the love.

I’d love to be there to document it for you, present with my whole heart &, of course, my camera.