Simone Anne Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer

California & destination | weddings & Elopements

A decade from now, your wedding photos will live on: A beautiful, honest, & intimate story of your family history. You will share these images with your kids & your grandkids; You will use these images to tell the story of who you are & illustrate how your family came to be. Make this count.


Weddings & elopements photography starts at $1,250. Full weekend wedding day photography coverage starts at $4,000. Wedding collections are always inclusive of travel.

Engagement sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, or New York City are $650.

City Hall wedding photography starts at $1,250 for two hours.

I am based in San Francisco, California & regularly work in my home state, around the US, & internationally. I have traveled to 29 countries, 22 states, & counting. I have both an American passport and a British passport and I am comfortable (and love!) solo international travel. I work as a travel & editorial photographer as well as photographing weddings & between those jobs, this job, and life interests, I travel a ton.