Simone Anne Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer

California & destination | weddings & Elopements

A decade from now, your wedding photos will live on: A beautiful, honest, & intimate story of your family history. You will share these images with your kids & your grandkids; You will use these images to tell the story of who you are & illustrate how your family came to be. Make this count.


Weddings & elopements start at $4000. Wedding collections are always inclusive of travel. You’ll never see an additional cost for travel, ever. I love to travel and going epic places to celebrate with you is built into my business.

Engagement sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, or New York City are $650.

City Hall wedding photography starts at $1250 for two hours.

I am based in San Francisco, California & regularly work in my home state, around the US, & internationally. I have traveled to 29 countries, 22 states, & counting. I have both an American passport and a British passport and I am comfortable (and love!) solo international travel. I work as a travel & editorial photographer as well as photographing weddings & between those jobs, this job, and life interests, I travel a ton.