Hello! I’m Simone.

I approach every wedding as the chance to fall in love with the two of you and the way you approach life together. I highly value your supportive families and your wonderful friends or your magical choice to elope together alone somewhere magical and meaningful to you and because of this I often feel like I am part of your family by the end of the day.

My photography captures candid and natural moments that express these feelings. I seek out laughter, tears, and loving looks. I’m inspired by the natural environment and love to weave the landscape of wherever we are celebrating into my work. I offer direction that favors beautiful light and vibrant colors. My job for every wedding is to create a gallery of real photos that bring back authentic, happy moments in my signature style.

Capturing your wedding is about documenting the joy, the love, the friendship, the power of family, the silliness, the excitement, the nerves; whatever you two bring to the day and however you want to celebrate your union, I focus in on the magic that makes the day truly yours.

Experience –

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and regularly travel all over California and beyond to capture weddings. (I have an American passport and a UK passport and I use both all the time!) I’ve been working as a wedding photographer since 2008 (that’s over ten years, now!!!) and have photographed over 300 weddings as the lead photographer, everything from intimate elopements to multi day events with many guests. This is my full time job and I am so thankful to do what I love.

Mountain Weddings, Little Weddings, Big Weddings, Cultural Weddings –

I’ve done an alpine start to hike 3500 feet of elevation for a sunrise elopement & I would happily do it again.

I have photographed a bride who rode in to her ceremony on a horse and a bride who rode in on a chariot. 

I have captured Tongan wedding dances & big barat parades & Jewish weddings & Persian weddings & Muslim weddings. I have captured weddings that combine many cultures & weddings that are completely secular.

I’ve captured weddings that are just vows & weddings with a million ceremonial moments. I have captured weddings with an officiant & weddings with no officiant, just vows between loves.

There are a million ways to marry & I’m prepared to capture them all. What’s your dream day?

Beyond Weddings –

Photography is life and so when I’m not photographing weddings, I’m often found photographing other things. I love to backpack and explore California’s wild places. In 2015 I solo hiked all 220 miles of the John Muir Trail. I travel a lot, too. If I had to pick a few favorites from the places I’ve been, I’d choose the wild forests of Uganda, the dreamy streets of Paris, the color and lush greenery of Colombia, and the true melting pot that is fabulous Cape Town. I’m also a ceramics potter and I spend a few days every week getting my hands muddy and making art just for the heck of it.

I live with my husband (& raddest best friend ever) Sam and travel home to Half Moon Bay to visit my parents and dog often.